Commercial and Office Cleaning

All of our commercial cleaning and office cleaning services can be performed at your convenience: whether it’s days, nights, weekends or even holidays. Our janitorial cleaning rates are always reasonable and competitive and we offer daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules to fit any budget.

Included in every office cleaning contract are all of the following janitorial tasks:

–       Floor waxing and stripping
–       General and specialized cleaning to fit your needs
–       Carpet care programs: such as shampoo and extraction (with contract)

How & What We Clean

–       Empty all wastebaskets
–       Dust all furniture including desks, chairs, and tables
–       Dust all exposed filing cabinets, bookcases and shelves
–       Dust all telephones
–       Clean and sanitize drinking fountains
–       Low dust all horizontal surfaces including sills, ledges, and moldings
–       Dust all shelves, picture frames, and dust radiators
–       Spot clean reception lobby glass including front door and any other partition or door glass
–       Spot clean desk tops
–       Dust mop resilient, hard floors or vacuum carpeted floors in traffic lanes
–       Spot clean spills and stains on carpeted and resilient floors
–       Spot clean furniture
–       Clean and sanitize telephones
–       High dust above hand height all horizontal surfaces, including shelves, moldings, and ledges
–       Clean entire interior glass in partitions and doors
–       Dust blinds
–       Remove dust and cob webs from ceiling area
–       Damp mop resilient and hard floors or carpeted floors
–       Vacuum furniture

Day Cleaning Benefits to the Client:
–       Economic Savings – generally a 20% savings in cleaning cost and a 10% reduction in energy fees
–       Improved employee satisfaction
–       Increased building security
–       Higher level of cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

–       Clean, sanitize and polish all vitreous fixtures including toilet bowls, urinals, and hand wash basins
–       Clean all glass and mirrors
–       Empty all containers and disposals, insert liners as required, spot clean and sanitize container
–       Spot clean all walls, doors and partitions
–       Empty and sanitize interior of sanitary container
–       Refill all dispensers to normal limits (supplies furnished by client)
–       Low dust all horizontal surfaces below 36″ including sills, moldings, edges, shelves, frames, ducts, and heating outlets
–       Sweep, damp mop, and sanitize hard floor
–       High dust (above hand height) all horizontal surfaces including shelves, ledges, and moldings

Eating, Break Areas

–       Damp clean and sanitize table tops, seats and chair backs
–       Clean, polish and refill napkin holders
–       Empty and spot clean exterior/interior of all containers
–       Clean and sanitize drinking fountain
–       Spot clean doors, frames, light switches, kick/push plates, handles, walls, and interior glass
–       Damp clean pedestal and/or legs
–       Low dust (below 36″) and high dust (above 72″) all horizontal surfaces
–       Clean entire interior glass in partitions and doors

If you are in the New York City Metropolitan area and are in need of a licensed and insured commercial cleaning company, please contact us today, CLEAAN.COM.